Pallet Live

     Pallet live is the ideal solution where effective stock rotation is required. The system consists of inclined lanes of either trolleys or rollers which can be loaded from one side and offloaded at the other.

     This creates the first in first out (FIFO) effect. Not only this but it also means that separate forklifts tasked with loading and picking do not get in each other's way making the system very efficient for fast moving stock.

     The dense nature of the system also means one of the highest storage capacities per cubic meter, second only to drive in racking.

     The system is perfect for perishable goods, especially food and drink, and also for consumable items with a high turnover rate such as large-scale manufacturing operations using a lean inventory control system.

Push Back

     The system can also be configured to both load and offload from the front by allowing a forklift to push the front pallet back along the lane and locate a new pallet at the front thereby changing the stock rotation to a last in first out system