Our top tips when seeking storage solutions!

In today’s world of increased consumer demand and political uncertainty the need for greater storage space and solutions have become a priority for many Organisations. We often see warehouses reaching their storage capacity, temporarily filling any open space with goods. These kinds of temporary solutions often create manoeuvrability issues, impacting on efficiency.

Without full understanding of your warehousing space and capabilities and current functionality, finding the correct storage solution to improve capacity can often be a difficult and costly task.

Here are some basic steps that Rackit believe can help you get the right solution for your business: 

Seek Advice

Do not buy straight off the shelf! Getting advice from an industry professional should be your first step. Our design team view warehouse sites to understand current flow, available space, warehouse operations and budget to create a solution that fits the business and warehouse needs. Industry professionals will be able to offer bespoke solutions that maximise your available space!

Go vertical

Is current storage equipment taking full advantage of your span height? Often overhead space is under-utilised. Going “vertical” with shelving and racking can save floor space improving manoeuvrability of handling equipment, positively impacting picking rates. Or why not add a mezzanine floor?


Purchasing from a SEMA distributor is a must. SEMA is an organisation committed to promoting and extending the safe design, installation and use of storage equipment manufactured and supplied by its members. Any SEMA distributor will have qualified SIERS installers who will make sure your storage system meets and exceeds industry standards.


Although maintenance is not directly related to finding a solution it can certainly save costs. Making sure annual site surveys are completed by the supplier can aid long-term loss. A sight survey when conducted by a SEMA member will make sure the storage adheres to The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Surveys and inspections will also flag-up any damages to racking and storage allowing repairs to be promptly dealt with to avoid larger long-term cost and damage.

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