Before you think of moving your warehouse read this…

        Almost anyone who has ever moved to a new house will agree it’s one of the most challenging life events. Imagine just how much more complex and stressful moving an entire warehouse would be. You must think about all your warehouse operatives. They need to be made aware of the move, you may if the move is a considerable distance away, need to hire new staff, as not all your warehouse operators may be willing to make the move.

     You’ll need to organise your current inventory ready to be moved and dispose of aged inventory. You’ll need to rearrange all your incoming deliveries to the new address and arrange for your logistics network to deliver out from the new location.

     Then there is the cost of moving and having the new warehouse installed, all the health and safety regulations paperwork that you’ll need to create for your new location, and for example your emergency evacuation routes. And once you’ve finally moved in, there is going to be a learning curve for all your warehouse staff as the picking locations will have changed meaning that lead times will for a short time increase after the move until your operatives are used to the new layout.

     Now we aren’t trying to say that you should move. In fact, sometimes you need to, but one of the main reasons that we see companies move warehouse is to increase space. If this is the case, then you may not need to move as there are multiple options that you could implement in your existing warehouse to better utilise the existing space, without the increase costs of paying for additional floor space or the disruption to your warehouse operations.

     Look up! If there is space above your head that you’re not using then there are a variety of options to utilise the space above you. This may mean having a Mezzanine floor installed for a multi-tier system installed, allowing you to multiply your existing floor space by adding additional levels to your warehouse.

      Look between! The odds are that if you have a warehouse you will be using shelving or pallet racking to store your products. If this is the case you will have aisles between your shelving or pallet racking, which is where your warehouse operators will be working when picking orders. But this is empty space! Depending on the quantity of product variations you have, it may be possible to remove some of these aisles which are empty space with the use of mobile shelving or a pallet live system for example.

     It is rare that one solution will make it possible for your warehouse to optimise its storage space sufficiently to justify not moving to a new location. However, with the right “mixture” of systems Rackit can considerably increase work efficiency in a picking store, which may mean that you do not need to relocate the warehouse.

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